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June 9, 2012
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Commission - Ante up, Tony by Theamat Commission - Ante up, Tony by Theamat
This was a request from a fellow DA member who wanted a group of DC & Marvel girls playing strip poker. Tony was my idea.

From Tony, clockwise, we have Tigra, Zatanna, Black Canary, She Hulk, Wonder Woman, Storm, Starfire, Black Widow, Spider Woman, Wasp, and Power Girl.

Girls just want to have fun.

If anyone would care to color this, feel free, but please send me a copy so that I can showcase your work, and of course credit me! Same goes for all of my high-res lineart.

For :iconsmokeyandthebandit:
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Ha-ha! I love this! Your work is great... amazing artwork and I always get a good laugh (or at least a big smile :D). The ladies look incredibly sexy and the facial expressions are fantastic. Tony Stark was the perfect choice (I could easily see him getting himself into a situation like this). Hilarious that just the underwear part of his armor is left! Great seeing the DC and Marvel heroines hanging out together! The cigar is funny and love how Black Widow has her gun out :D
Thanks so much! Took a while to finish this piece, but it was worth it, in the end. Alot of room for improvement, but overall I was happy with how it came out. :)
You should be! It looked perfect to me, but admittedly I don't have a trained eye. From a fun and storytelling standpoint, it was definitely A+ material.
cavalier-renegade Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Dibs on Zatanna
Hmmm... Somebody likes brunettes!
cavalier-renegade Jun 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
who doesn't dig fishnets?
well, it says you want a critique...anatomy wise, everything looks good. there's maybe a couple of places where the midsections look thin, but that's comic books for you. Tony looks the closest to being off to me, but it might be his metal underoos.

the tableau itself feels oddly busy and empty at the same time. i'm chalking it up to the fact that there's big swathes of empty black space around a very crowded table. speaking of the table, having that many ladies all cramming together on one side looks a little odd. it might have looked better if a couple were in the background to tony's right looking over instead, but hindsight and all that.

detail-wise there's nothing that looks very wrong, but there's a couple of places that maybe could've used more attention. shulkie's bra looks a little too flat for something that lacy (it gets mentioned first because everyone's lookin' at it) especially with the strap standing out like it does. widow's pistol and starfire's cup (bowl?) seem a little overtly simple and generic, which i'm mostly attributing to the fact guns are hard to draw in one case.
i would like to know what that is starfire's holding though.

overall, a nice piece. but there's always room to improve with art.
Thanks for the critique! I had some of the same critiques myself, but mine were alot harsher! Lol
DayWalkerB Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a pretty cool idea; I like how Wonder Woman is holding a screwdriver. :)
Good job!
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