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What Will I Draw?

Pretty much anything. I will tell you if I have an issue with the request, and you'll have the opportunity to change the commission.

Basic Pricing List

The prices here are set in stone. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.

Concept Art

Rose Concept Art by Theamat 


Concept art will be full color and display different facial expressions, angles and full-body costume designs for one character. 


Usagi Yojimbo - INKS by Theamat Wonder Woman vs Medusa - INKS by Theamat Hellhound - INKS by Theamat 


My lineart is done completely digitally on my iPad in the Sketchbook Ink application. High-resolution artwork will be made available to you. 

Sequential Pages

DARK AGE #1, Sample Page 3 by Theamat DARK AGE #1, Sample Page 4 by Theamat DARK AGE #1, Sample Page 5 by Theamat 


While I do not currently have examples of sequential pages done digitally, any sequential lineart I do will also be done on my iPad in Sketchbook Ink.

Additional Print 


In addition to the high-resolution artwork, I can also have the artwork printed out at poster size and shipped to you. 

How to Commission

If you want to commission a piece from me, please send me a note or email me at with the details. I will reply as promptly as possible. Please do not commission me through comments - message me directly. 

When the work is finished, I will post a preview of the work on my deviantart gallery, and send you the high-res file.

How to Pay

I accept payment via paypal, the details of which can be worked out through email, and money order. No cash or checks, please. All payments must be USD.
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